Care Testimonials

Advanced Care Yorkshire provide for me Care in the community, care in my home, the company spent time listening to my care needs and watching the techniques that are needed. A company who provide staff they believe will be suitable for my care as in my case ‘physically disabled’, A company whose PA’s have been given time to be trained with me and my requirements and who at each stage ask me how each PA is getting on and whether or not I am satisfied with their ability and approach and fitting in with my household and with my own team of Carer’s and Nurses etc, A company who knows the importance of my well being, trust, punctuality, expectancy of privacy, confident and with pleasant dispositions. I found this company in March of last year; they trained with me to be accomplished with my specific needs and built up trust with their handling of me with hoists, slings and support braces. I am very happy with their team of three Carer’s that joined my existing Carers and Nurses to form my overall care package.

HB - Service User

Just to say a great big thank you for a simply perfect evening, because it meant everything to me. The kindness you have shown to my son and myself has made such a difference to our lives.

KS – Service User

Thank you for the support you gave to my husband and myself over these last months of his life, I was able to care for him with the backup I got from the team of Carers who came to us and I am grateful for this, I would like to add a special thank you for the lady who did our night sits for the love and care she gave him, without her support I could not have carried on and I will be eternally grateful.

SH - Service Users Wife

I visited my sister and Nephew yesterday and they are delighted with the care they are receiving from you and your colleagues, I wanted to add my thanks, they were very apprehensive about changing Carers and are much relieved.

PS - Service Users Brother and Uncle

Thank you for your care of mum, it was her first experience of outside of the family care and you ladies made it such a lovely experience, when she returns from respite she will have no problem welcoming you back into her home, your caring manner is so much appreciated at such a difficult time.

ME – Service User’s Daughter

To all at Advanced Care thank you doesn’t seem enough for what you have done for my Dad I am so grateful.

CW – Service Users Daughter

You are very special people, my husband was treated by you exceptionally well, but you were also there for me, I really can’t thank you enough in helping me at one of the worst times I have experienced, I am sure the angels will always look after you all.

ST - Service Users Wife

We have not known you for very long, but want you to know what a difference you have made to my partner’s and my life.

L.B - Service Users wife

Training Testimonials

Advanced Skills Ltd. at present are working extensively in providing staff training to Allied Healthcare Group Ltd., and have been doing so for the last twelve months in an exemplary manner.

Training in all mandatory subjects has been delivered, as well as specialist courses in other areas of healthcare. from the course evaluation sheets, personal telephone calls, e-mails received, it can be delivered that there has been an extremely high level of delivery and presentation.

This has been consistent during the last 12 months, and is testament to both the knowledge and professionalism of Advanced Skills Ltd. trainers

The company has since been 'promoted', and is now one of our two 'preferred providers' for the delivery of healthcare training, to a selection of our 108 branches nationwide.

Advanced Skills Training not only assist us in training of our care staff, but also our own in-house trainers as well, having carried out a number of 'Train the Trainer' courses at a number of our branches. Further courses are already planned

I therefore had no hesitation in agreeing to provide this letter of reference, and would suggest that your use of Advanced Skills Training would greatly enhance your own company's reputation and standing. To see the letter click here.

Robert Brady - Allied Healthcare Group

Thank you for the wonderful five week training program you put me through it has been a lot of fun, thank you for all the help and support you gave me.

SH – Student

Thank you for all your help and for putting on a course that has enabled me to find work and for giving us a chance to prove we could do it.

NH – Student

I completed a course with Advanced, called Gateway to Health and Social Care, I found the course to be very informative and thoroughly enjoyed the overall experience, The Course was presented by Sheena Kurring, she was easy to understand and very patient with the class when we had lots of questions. I have now started work in domiciliary care and would be totally lost without the skills gained by completing this course. I have now started my diploma. Overall I am happy with my experience with this company and the staff are great.

SD – Student

I went to my class last Thursday and thoroughly enjoyed being lifted from my seat by one of my colleagues with a hoist. I also wanted to say thanks again for putting the course on, it was really good to learn everything I have and it has also helped to pick up my confidence. Everyone was really friendly and I’ve really enjoyed having the opportunity to attend this course. If you ever need a student to vouch for it being a worthwhile course, I’m happy to show my support.

SG – Student

I really appreciated your help with my job search on completion of your course, I am at present utilising my skills in the USA and Canada and have a job lined up for my return to England in Brighton, The Gateway course was a great opportunity, it allowed me to gain new skills and understanding in how to become a good caregiver which has made me feel more prepared for gaining employment. The teachers and students were all really friendly and made the classroom feel like a place we could really enjoy being in. Taking the course really boosted my confidence, my motivation and my abilities in caregiving and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

SG – Student

Thank you for all your help and guidance, made redundant and from a contracting engineering background, myself belief was at an all time low, with no prior knowledge of the Care Sector and having been outside of formal education for some considerable time, I was naturally anxious how I would perform on the course. I need not have worried. My Tutor showed she had an in depth knowledge and real passion for the subject and soon put everyone in the class at ease. The quality and pace of the tuition provided and the mix of students along with the venue all proved to be first rate, the course was a real boost to my confidence and I cannot wait to get back into work and put my new set of skills into practise. Please keep me informed of any future courses as I now wish to take my training to the next level.

PD – Student

I had a feeling about the course the minute I went for my initial interview. I was met by friendly happy people who went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. They set me up for an intense but very enjoyable five weeks, I mentioned the course was intense but this I am sure sifted out those who were perhaps not suited to this type of work and commitment. We learned a great deal about the care profession, the course covered a huge range of topics too many to mention but all had their importance when I was offered a position in a local care home and I realised how much I’d learned, I felt I was well prepared which proved to be a firm grounding for the job I was doing, this gave me more confidence to carry on, Caring is a hard and not very well paid profession but is rewarding and gives you so much in return. When you realise you have made life more comfortable and enjoyable for a Service User and they respond so gratefully, it is wonderful. I have been reduced near to tears and laughed my head off both in the same hour, What a job, all you lovely people at Advanced, Thank you, you changed my life and made me a better person for the experience.

RH – Student

Company Testimonials

As a company we are very pleased that the candidates you have provided for interview have had such excellent training. This means that we interviewing trained people with much needed skills and therefore these candidates have a greater understanding of the needs of the elderly. Your help and support has been invaluable with our recruitment process, it is often very difficult and very time consuming to find ‘The right person’. From the people you have trained and sent for interview we have offered 3 people jobs, we have engaged one already and she is proving to be an excellent member of staff. With this in mind we would like to make you our first point of call when recruiting new staff, I would once again like to thank you most sincerely for all your excellent help.

Residential Care home – Beverley